Acne Products - Is Shea Butter An Effective Ingredient?

There are many acne products that claim that Shea butter is one of the key ingredients that the skin care companies include into acne skin care products in order to enhance the results.

Shea butter acne based products that you can purchase over the counter that contain this key ingredient include soaps, ointments, creams and oils.

What is Shea butter?

Shea butter is a substance that comes from a nut that comes from the Savannah Region of Africa, and it is said to be a substance that can be used in many different ways as a Natural Treatment for various skin types and skin ailments.

It's known to be soothing and calming for acne breakouts and it is a great anti-inflammatory that is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, E and K.

These vitamins and nutrients are essential to the health and life of your skin. If your skin is lacking in any of these essential healthy substances acne can and will happen.

Many people use Shea butter as a treatment for skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. With so many claims of treatment success the acne skin care industry began to mass produce many acne products with Shea butter included as the star ingredient.

However, the real question here that you as an acne suffer should ask yourself is “Is Shea butter based skin care acne products good for acne prone skin, taking into consideration the fact that the term “butter” itself connotes an oily or greasy substance?.” Especially since acne breakouts occur as a result of excess oil and the presence of dirt and bacteria on a person's skin.

Here is the honest truth about Shea butter?

If you have SENSITIVE skin you can use Shea butter on your acne-prone skin, however, to get the most effect out of this acne cure treatment you must use “100% PURE unrefined Shea butter.” You also need to use “RAW African Black Soap” in conjunction with the Shea butter (I don’t mean to mix these two together; they should be used separately). What will these two simple natural ingredients do for your skin's health?

Pure Shea butter (not cocoa butter) is fantastic at helping to get rid of acne and dark spots that acne can leave behind. Shea butter is fantastic at treating scars, blemishes and burns, and it is also known to help prevent skin rashes. This may be the reason why many people believe that shea butter is considered an ideal ingredient in many acne products. Shea butter can be virtually used in so many versatile ways because it is a NATURAL substance.

So if you decide to use Shea butter as an acne cure treatment make sure you don’t have any allergy to nuts because Shea butter WILL cause your skin to become irritated. You should do a spot test first.

Next, the RAW African Black soap (the color is actually brown) is good at removing deep dirt and debris within your pores and evening your skin tone and protects against free radicals. However, DO NOT over use this soap. Over use can cause extreme dryness and excessive skin peeling (this stuff really gets down deep into your pores and cleans them out).

What is an ideal regimen for Shea butter usage?

  1. Wash your face in the morning with the African black soap.
  2. Wait for your face to dry or pat dry your face.
  3. Then apply a thin layer of Shea butter on your face. Leave it on for the day. (It is a fantastic daily moisturizer.)

Repeat this regimen until your acne improves.

Many people have reported that after using Shea butter and African black soap they noticed an immediate improvement in acne and blemishes clearing up pretty fast.

So, Shea butter is mostly known to work in its more natural state rather than mixed in with acne skin care products. I am sure you will still see skin improvements with mixed over the counter products; however, it works best if it is used alone.

On this last note, talk to your dermatologist first to determine your skin type and if Shea butter might be a useful treatment for you.

ALWAYS consult your dermatologist anyway no matter what acne products or treatments you decide to use; your doctor knows what’s best for your skin and acne type. You don’t want to find yourself having more skin problems that need more treatment solutions.

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