8 Essential Acne Skin Care Tips

Discover acne skin care tips that dramatically lessen and control even the most difficult acne.

When you properly treat your skin YOU can control and manage your acne and prevent it from leaving bad scarring so your skin can look its best.

So, here are some quick and easy tips to follow that can make your skin look as if you never had acne in the first place.

Startling Truths about Acne Skin Care!

TIP #1

Maintain Irresistible Youthful Radiant Skin

How? Use acne skin care products on your skin that contain natural fruit acids better known as alpha hydroxy acids or AHA’s. These tend to rejuvenate the skin while shedding old and damaged surface skin cells. Afterwards, your skin will appear healthier and fresher with even color and tone.

Tip #2

Protect your skin from the sun

Too much sun exposure can quickly damage your skin. The same goes for tanning parlors; try to avoid them as much as possible. Apply and reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. Choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVB (the burning rays of the sun) and UVA (penetrating rays, these rays from the sun generally promote aging and wrinkling of the skin).

Tip #3

Do not upset skin by picking, popping and trying fly by night quick cures

Picking and popping will only irritate your skin and can only make a skin condition worse. However, if you can’t resisting popping those pimples (as they can sometimes be tempting and too irritating to ignore) you can purchase a do it yourselfer comedone extractor. However, the best suggestion is to leave this delicate task to a licensed professional Dermatologist. Also going to a dermatologist will lessen the chances of bad scarring as well as lessening the risk of infection.

Additionally, if you come across an acne skin care product that sounds too good to be true be very careful and talk to your dermatologist first. Or if you just can’t resist a good sales pitch try the skin care for acne product on a “single small” area on your skin to test your skin's reaction first.

Tip #4


This is a tough one to deal with for many acne suffers who struggle with quitting smoking while trying to manage acne. The nicotine in cigarette smoke causes small blood vessels and capillaries of the skin to contract. This diminishing circulation deprives the skin of essential oxygen that it needs to create and maintain healthy rejuvenated skin cells.

Tip #5

Minimize your level of stress

Stress can sometimes trigger breakouts as well. When your body is under stress cortisone levels are elevated which causes your sebaceous glands to make more oil. This then greatly increases your chances of acne flare-ups.

Tip #6

Ladies and gentlemen be careful of the razors and shavers

If you have sensitive skin you need to be careful of the all-in-one shavers. These are the shavers that pledge to give you the closest shave. Shavers that shave extremely close to the skin can cause unnecessary irritation. It is better to use a single blade shaver. They tend to minimize skin irritation while giving you a close shave but not close enough to irritate your skin and cause bumps and breakouts.

Tip #7

Be constantly committed to a healthy skin regimen

Using a daily regimen will yield the best results on a constant basis and you will have better long term results in the end. Managing your acne will become easier, you will have fewer breakouts and most importantly you will experience less scarring. This is extremely important when you want to manage acne breakouts on a permanent basis. With the right regimen your skin can look amazingly radiant. But remember “Consistency is the key.”

Where can you find a healthy acne skin care regimen to get started with?

This very page is a perfect example of a good quality acne skin care guide that you can follow. You can maintain satisfying results once you begin to use a daily regimen such as these simple and easy examples on this page.

Tip #8

Eat a healthy well balanced diet

Lastly, eating a healthy balanced anti acne diet and moderate exercise can do wonders not only for your body but for your skin as well. Not only will you feel physically well but your skin will reflect your overall health as well. Remember what you put in is what you get out. Balanced diet + healthy lifestyle = healthy long lasting youthful appearance in your skin always.

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