Dramatically Increase the Effectiveness of Acne Treatments Today!

Did you know that you can stop your acne treatments from working properly? Don’t let these treatment mistakes happen to you and make your acne worse.

One of the biggest complaints that a lot of people have about acne treatments is that they are not effective enough or that the treatment is not working fast enough.

So here is a short list of treatment mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of your treatment efforts. Correct these mistakes and watch how your treatment efforts DRAMATICALLY improve.

Sharing Prescription Acne Treatments

Never share prescription acne treatment medications. Not only will someone else's medication not work for you because you need to be properly diagnosed and given the proper dosages, but sharing prescriptions can be downright dangerous.

Taking other peoples oral prescription treatments can be detrimental to your health because they affect you internally and even topical treatments could be disastrous for your skin and make a skin condition worse; especially if used incorrectly.

Nor should you give out your own prescribed treatments. I know sometimes we like to share and help out our family and friends and they help us out in our times of need as well, however this can be a dangerous thing to do “ALWAYS.” You could harm someone else (unintentionally of course) by sharing medicines. Not to mention you could harm yourself by taking some else’s medications.

Stopping Acne Treatments Too Soon

While there is no permanent cure to acne as of yet medications can stop, prevent and control acne breakouts. You should always complete oral treatments as instructed by your doctor. Even if your skin has cleared and acne is gone. SIDENOTE: Although, with topical treatments you may not have to apply them as much; however never go cold turkey and stop. Acne can come right back. Always follow your doctor's instructions precisely.

Forgetting To Use Acne Treatments (especially prescribed medications)

If you want your treatment to work more successfully and effectively to quickly get rid of your acne you have to be CONSISTENT with using your treatments. Try not to forget, skip days and miss dosages that you have to use daily. If you sometimes forget to use treatments set a time daily to use your treatment. For example: I will take my medicine daily at 6:00am and 4:00pm. Or you can take your medication at the same time daily that you may watch your favorite show on TV. This will help you to remember always.

Searching for Fly-By-Night Acne Cure Treatments

In other words, looking for products that promise a quick fit. Remember as of yet there is no cure for acne. However, there are plenty of treatments out there with "Clinically Proven" results that work. Some of which you can find in your local pharmacy over the counter. And, don’t forget your doctor always knows what stuff works best. Not to mention your doctor can tailor fit a treatment just for you. Remember we are all different. What works for your neighbor Johnny down the street might not work for your skin or acne type.

Taking More Dosages Than Recommended Hoping For A Quick Miracle

Drowning yourself in topical creams or doubling your oral treatments several times a day will not help acne to go away faster; and can be downright dangerous for your health and skin. It can and will cause overly extreme peeling, redness, drying and definitely irritation. Always follow treatment guidelines; they are the best and SAFE for you to use always.

Acne can take up to 12 weeks to show any substantial improvements. So I hate to say it folks but “Patience Patience Patience” is the rule for the day. Acne will clear.

Never Forget The Importance of Sunscreen

Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Not only will it protect your skin, from skin cancer, ageing and hyperpigmentation but many acne skin treatments can cause your skin to become ultra sensitive to the sunlight. However, don’t use that oily greasy sunscreen stuff. Use noncomedogenic (will not clog your pores) sunscreen this will additionally help to fight against breakouts while you are using any acne treatments.

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