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Body acne can be caused by many different factors for example stress and out of control hormones. However, of all the different triggers that progress into acne on your body, perspiration and heavy sweating as well as clothing that fit tightly is considered to be two of the major causes of body acne.

Consequently, many experts have noted that the combination of tight fitting clothing (for example lycra leggings) trap the body’s natural sweat and perspiration against the skin. This then combines with surface oils.

When this happens it can and will clog your pores and cause blotches to form.

These blotches can range anywhere from blackheads to whiteheads and lead to tender red-angry looking papules and pustules which is a sign of severe body acne.

This explains why many people that are physically active report having moderate to severe acne on their bodies in many cases.

Your face, chest and back have the most abundant concentrations of sebaceous glands; that is why many people are prone to have more acne on these areas of the body.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

In addition, acne breakouts on your body can happen also because of the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as creatine, colostrums and anabolic steroids such as testosterone and andro (Androstenedione, Androstenediol). These are known to increase the oil levels within the skin.

So How Do You Treat Tough To Get Rid of Body Acne?

Treatment is just the same as if you were to treat facial acne. The only difference is that certain studies have shown that acne on the body tends to be a bit more resistant to acne treatments. Why? Body skin is much tougher and thicker than facial skin, and in the case of acne on your body, blotches as well as lesions are exposed constantly to the friction of tight fitting clothing.

To get rid of body acne you have to wash the affected areas with a salicylic acid-based cleanser and be sure and shower immediately after vigorous physical activity to clear the pores of sweat.

Some experts suggest wiping affected areas with benzoyl peroxide, or with salicylic acid pads and then use an alpha hydroxy acid-based body moisturizer to maintain the proper moisture levels within your skin. Your dermatologist can even prescribe medicated pads that are much stronger than over-the-counter pads.

Using an alpha hydroxy acid-based body moisturizer after using salicylic acid or medicated pads will help to not only exfoliate your skin but it will also moisturize and prevent your skin from drying out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to treat your skin with benzoyl peroxide remember that peroxide does have a bleaching effect on clothing and materials that it comes into contact with. In order to avoid the bleaching effects of using benzoyl peroxide you can wear an old T-shirt or a piece of clothing that you don’t mind ruining after applying benzoyl peroxide to acne on your body.

It is best to use a topical retinoid if you suffer with more severe acne. You can use an acne cure like Retin-A. There are also several oral antibiotics like tetracycline and minocycline that are very effective. Although keep in mind that when using antibiotics it can typically take anywhere from 1 week to sometimes a couple of months before you see any substantial results.

An Example of a Potent Body Acne Treatment

One of the most potent acne treatments out there is accutane. However, accutane should be considered as a last resort because this medication is extremely powerful and is usually prescribed in higher dosages for acne on your body and should only be used if necessary. Additionally, lesions on your back, shoulders and chest response more slowly to topical and oral acne body treatment dosages then it does on your face.

An Ideal 3 Step Daily Regimen to Soothe and Get Rid of Body Acne

1. Cleanse your body with an anti-bacterial cleanser. Then let your body dry.

2. Place an acne treatment gel or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide on your skin. Cover the entire acne prone areas with a thin layer of the gel or cream. Then let it dry.

3. Lastly, use an Alpha Hydroxy moisturizer in order to exfoliate your skin. This will also keep your skin from being too dry after applying the benzoyl peroxide.

Preventing Body Acne

Don’t forget about prevention. Prevention is always the most important treatment to "maintaining" constant clear smooth skin at all times. See this eye opening “Prevent Acne” article, as well as the ultimate “8 Essential Acne Skin Care Tips” guide in order to keep your skin at it best.

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