Cystic Acne Treatment Solutions

Of all the many scientifically proven effective cystic acne treatment options, for cystic acne, some can be less potent than others. Potency can vary depending on the type of treatment you select.

Topical skin treatment solutions are usually adequate enough for many people that suffer with mild cystic acne.

However, generally you must use oral reinforcements in conjunction with topical treatments if you suffer with more wide-spread, deep, cyst and scarring with nodules.

Cystic Acne Treatment Options

Cystic acne also known as acne vulgaris can be a persistent disorder usually identified by cyst. These cysts may be closed and open comedones or clogged lesions that contain “cottage-cheese” like pus pockets and raised red-angry bulging cyst.

Each of your individual pores has an opening to a passage known as a follicle which contains your hair and oil gland. Your oil gland usually works to keep your skin smooth, soft, moisturized and clear by removing old skin cells.

On the other hand, when the oil glands send out a larger than normal amount of oil, your pores can become quickly blocked with dirt, bacteria and debris.

The blockage or plug is usually called a comedone. When nodules and cyst develop it’s usually time to call in the professionals (dermatologist).


One of the most used and proven methods is dermabrasion. Eliminating cystic acne with this treatment essentially involves removing the top layer of your skin with a special type of electrical machine that abrades the skin. However, with this cystic acne treatment your skin can incur minor injuries, which actually result from the procedure being performed. So it is usually advised that when you undergo this treatment you might have to take time off from work or school for recovery purposes.


In addition, to dermabrasion, there is also a new variation from dermabrasion called microdermabrasion. This treatment for cystic acne is a much easier approach to treatment. This cystic acne treatment mechanically removes a very thin layer of skin using fine grains of sand-like material. This abrades the skin ever so slightly; so no time off from work or school is needed.

Laser Resurfacing

Similar to microdermabrasion you can also try laser resurfacing which mainly uses an extremely tense beam of light to burn off and remove skin cells.

Acid Peels

Acid peels are actually capable of chemically dissolving and eliminating all of the scar tissue caused by cystic acne. The only downside to using this treatment is that it can cause a significant amount of skin reddening and substantial soreness. It usually takes about a week to heal after this treatment. There are also some first class potent peels for home use for mild cystic acne and scarring. Read this short article today to learn more.“Experience the dramatic results of Glycolic Peels”

Collagen Injections

Yet another cystic acne treatment that is amazing at getting results is collagen injections. This treatment can be used to lessen the manifestation of scars when it is injected into affected areas. When it is injected it raises the scar to the point of the surrounding skin, which then restores a more normal appearance. However, the downside to this treatment is that you may have to repeat this treatment frequently as collagen will gradually break down in time.

"New" Breakthrough Cystic Acne Treatment

Lastly, there is a new acne cyst treatment in the field of medicine which is the introduction of cultured “Autologous Fibroblasts”. Autologous Fibroblasts are living cells that a dermatologist places under the acne cyst skin. These cells build up under the scar making the scar rise up to the top surface of your skin. This is noted to have a more long term effect.


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