Homeopathic Acne Treatment,

A Natural and Holistic Approach to Treating Acne

Many acne sufferers often turn to strong chemical medications in an attempt to clear their skin, but with a little knowledge it is possible to find a more natural homeopathic acne treatment that can heal your skin from the inside out. Homeopathic remedies use a holistic approach which considers the whole person and addresses the root cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Which can restore balance in the body resulting in a safe and effective cure.

What Causes Acne?

The term acne usually refers to inflamed pustules on the skin, most commonly on your face and neck. There can be many causes of acne such as hormones, poor diet, age, weather etc. Any of these situations could cause oil and dead skin cells to clog your hair follicle. Before the follicle becomes inflamed a blackhead or whitehead may form on the skin. If bacteria begins to infect the pore the follicle may burst and cause swelling and redness in your skin.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy works on the principal that like cures like. Depending on your particular case of acne, a treatment should be sought that uses an ingredient that would produce a similar skin condition. A homeopathic acne treatment may be topical or ingested. A minimal dose of a diluted ingredient is used to stimulate the immune system and hopefully correct the skin condition. Topical treatments will typically produce results quicker than an ingested form which can take up to four to six weeks to detect any noticable improvement.

Some practical quick cures include....


Sulfur is one of the most common acne treatments. Often applied as a cream, it will cause your skin to dry out and slough away a top layer. This will usually cure clogged pores and blackheads and also helps with acne that is aggravated by heat or from washing.


Acne that is caused by hormonal changes such as puberty or during a menstrual cycle is usually treated well by Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is a homeopathic acne treatment made from a wildflower that must be ingested. It has antibacterial properties and helps to cleanse the body. This remedy also works well for acne caused by allergies or is the result of a poor diet.


Silica comes from flint or quartz and may help to cure deep acne and boils. It can help reduce outbreaks and scarring. Silica works best on people who have a low or compromised immune system. Typically Silica would be ingested in a pellet-type form.

Calcarea Carbonica

Chronic acne outbreaks and over oily skin may be helped with Calcarea Carbonica. This remedy helps the skin to fight infection and often works best for people who are overweight or over tired.


Zinc is often used as an antiseptic. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce swelling of pustules and heal skin cells. Zinc would be applied directly to the skin as an astringent.

Antimonium Tartaricum (aka potash salt)

Stubborn cases of acne that have little success with other treatments, or cases involving large raised pustules, often respond well to Antimonium Tartaricum, also known as potash salt. This treatment can come in the form of a cream or ingestible salt.

Finding the Right Remedy

Finding the right remedy for a specific type or cause of acne takes time and patience. If the most common treatments fail to get rid of acne, additional trial and error is sometimes needed. I know that this can be very frustrating for someone suffering with highly visible or painful skin conditions. The good news is however once the correct homeopathic acne treatment is discovered the results are often fast and permanent because the root of the problem has been corrected. This usually makes the effort worthwhile.

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