9 New Acne Treatments & Significant Breakthroughs

Here are 9 dramatic new acne treatments that will both shock and surprise you at how effectively they can control acne and some will even eliminate scarring as well.


PPx Pore-Cleansing ACNE Treatment
This new acne treatments pore cleansing solution helps to clear not only your acne, but it also cleans out your pores and eliminates "all" the bacteria at the same time. This treatment seems to work especially well for people whose acne did not go away with the use of topical, antibiotic and laser treatments.

With the invention of this new acne treatment you don’t need any anesthesia or any numbing gel, it is said to be virtually painless. How does it work? During treatment the PPx hand piece is placed on your skin and a painless vacuum gently removes all of the skin contaminants and brings them closer to the surface level of your skin.

During this process you may even find that your pores have been cleansed of all the blackheads. Next, within just about a fraction of a second a light flashes to destroy the bacteria within the skin. What is the end result? Patients have reported that they saw “immediate improvements within 24-48 hours”. Your skin will be left noticeably much clearer. Each treatment round can cost $200-$300. It is FDA approved at this time.

Acne Scar Treatment Using Cultured Autologous Fibroblast Injection Cell Therapy
Discover this new acne treatments potency for depressed acne scars. How does it Work? Autologous Fibroblasts are “living cells” that a dermatologist puts underneath the skin that is depressed with acne scars.

Essentially, these dosages of cultured autologous fibroblast injections are given within a 2 week time period. These cells build up under the scar making the scar rise to the top surface level of your skin. What is the end result? This tends to have a more long term effect than injections with collagen or artificial fillers.

AcneCare ClearTech Treatment
This potent yet gentle treatment is a one-step problem solver for acne blemishes. This treatment will provide you with fast help to promptly reduce inflammation and the redness of mild to severe acne. How does it work? You cleanse your skin first thoroughly before using this medicated treatment.

Then cover the affected areas with a thin layer of cream once or twice a day depending on the reaction of dryness to your skin; because excessive dryness may occur with over use. The main ingredient in this potent formula is 5% technologically advanced micronized Benzyl Peroxide that is remarkably only 5 microns in size. What does this mean? It is formulated for extra deep penetration. It also contains 3 other highly advanced ingredients:

  • Peptide- Prevents & reverse inflammation & irritation
  • 2 Polysaccharides- protects your skins elasticity & makes for a speedy recovery
  • Antioxidant- relieves inflammation, also provides a higher level of effectiveness

What is the end result? This treatment will revitalized your skin, and greatly decrease cell injuries. It will invoke healthy new skin cell renewal and growth. Price 29.95

Steroid injections As An Acne Solution
This method of treatment is mostly used for more severe acne that contains nodules and cysts. How does it work? Each papule or nodule is injected with a thinned cortisone solution by using a thin needle. After the steroid injection is administered, the acne lesion will become flat and acne symptoms will usually go away within 2 to 7 days.

However, understand that complications can arise from the use of this treatment. Complications such as: your skin becoming thin (atrophy), small blood vessels may appear on your skins surface and your treated skin may turn lighter than normal. What is the end result? The injection might hurt just a bit; however, within just a couple of days, the nodules will soften, and in about a week will become flat.

Acanya Gel
This combination of Clindamycin Phosphate of 1.2% and Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% is a gel that is used topically on your skin to relieve mild to moderate acne. How does it work? This is a topical medication that is only for external use. First you must wash the acne affected area with a gentle cleanser then apply the gel and rub it in gently. This new acne treatments downside however being that it may burn a little in the beginning and you may have some redness. What is the end result? Acne tends to clear up right away, your skin will get clear and skin will be left smooth and less oily.

"Breakthrough" Developments with New Light and Laser Treatments

There are many new acne treatments with innovative technologies in development in regards to the use of lasers and light acne therapy. With laser acne treatment there is promising evidence of improvements not only with eliminating inflammatory acne, but it can also get rid of the scars associated with acne. Laser and light based treatment therapies penetrate deep down into the layers of your skin amazingly without damaging your skin’s surface. Here is a brief short list of some of the new and most powerful treatments with laser and light treatments.

6. Diode Laser Treatment

Diode lasers will wipe-out sebaceous glands within the dermis layer of your skin. The dermis layer is the thick middle layer of your skin. This treatment will not harm the outer layers of your skin. Although this treatment can be a bit painful, the pain can be lessened with analgesics (pain-reliever) that can be place on your skin before treatment begins. The only side effects that you may experience from this treatment are swelling and redness from the areas that were treated.

7. Blue light Treatment Solution

This treatment is performed by exposing your skin to a low-strength blue light that is supposed to destroy the P. acnes. This is known to be a painless method that is usually completed through a series of treatment sessions. However, ongoing treatment may be necessary in order to get the best results. Possible side effects include: short-term redness and dryness in the areas that were treated.

8. "Photodynamic" A Phenomenal Treatment

This new acne treatment uses a combination of topical medications as well as light based treatments. During this process, medication, called a photosensitizing agent, is put on your skin to make the light therapy treatment even more effective. Possible side effect from the use of this treatment include: skin swelling, crusting, redness and possible acne flare-ups.

9. Photopneumatic Therapy Treatment

Photopneumatic treatment involves using vacuum suction to get rid of all the oil and dead skin cells within your sebaceous glands. Then the area is treated with red and blue light therapy treatment to obliterate P.acnes and take away inflammation.

Don’t Expect Over Night Miracles (results may vary)

No matter what new acne treatments or acne skin care products you decided to employ, keep it real in regards to your expectations of any acne skin care treatment. There is no cure for acne as of yet, but with the right treatment it can be controlled.

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