How to Successfully Prevent Acne Breakouts

How to prevent acne is one of the most searched for topics of information on the internet. Even dermatologist have spent enormous amounts of research and hours trying to figure out the right way to stop acne. Although there is no magic cure to prevent future breakouts there are simple things that you can do on a daily basis to help reduce the number and severity of breakouts.

Establish a Daily Skin Care Regimen

A daily skin care regimen to prevent acne can consist of exfoliating (meaning: to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin) the skin daily as well as by using certain types of medications in combination to protect your skin at all times from breakouts.

Another major must in preventing acne is to never pop, squeeze or pick at acne skin lesions. It can result in very bad scarring. Not to mention the further spreading of inflammatory acne.

In order to prevent breakouts, many medical professionals recommend washing your skin with a wash cloth designed specifically to properly exfoliate skin. And of course use a gentle cleansing soap, nothing harsh or strong in order to remove the dirt from the skin.

It is well known that when you wash your skin gently with a mild soap at least twice a day it can significantly reduce the likely hood of the spreading of acne in more areas.

Be sure and choose not only a mild acne soap that exfoliates the skin, but be sure and choose a product that also contains antibacterial ingredients.

This is a must, in order to properly penetrate deep down into your pores to break up impurities and diminish problem-causing bacteria.

The Power of Salicylic Acid & Acne Prevention

To further prevent acne, after cleansing your skin, you should apply an anti-acne treatment product that must contain salicylic acid to acne prone areas.

Salicylic acid comes from the willow bark and sweet bark trees and is a beta hydroxy acid. This complex mix is used for treating acne topically and for creating skin peeling agents. It can remove the sebum from your pores all while conferring anti-inflammatory properties. If you consistently use salicylic acid it can give sun protection. Salicylic acid is known to be extremely potent for lessening the irregular flaking of the skin cells around your hair follicles.

If you stick to this type of daily skin care regimen for acne prone skin you will astronomically reduce the number of breakouts or prevent the acne from coming back altogether.

Additional Tips To Prevent Acne

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Whether you work outdoors or just out and about for sheer pleasure, you need to protect your skin from the sun.

There are a lot of oil-free sunscreens that can do wonders to protect your skin. Many medical professionals suggest that if you want to maintain healthy acne free skin, oil-free sunscreen is very important.

Avoid Oil Based Skin Care Products

Make sure all your skin care based products are either water based or oil-free or non-comedogenic. Because oil clogging your pores along with bacteria is what cause breakouts.

Limit Your Iodine Intake

Try to limit foods with high iodine content. Iodine is the only food as of yet that has been consistency proven to promote acne breakouts. Lobster, shell fish, crab meat, and also certain green vegetables like spinach, seaweed and kelp.

Avoid Sleeping In Your Make-up Every Night

Try to avoid sleeping with your make-up on. If you sleep at night with your make-up on a consistent basis make-up is being ground-up into your pores every night and is promoting the clogging of your pores to cause acne breakouts.

Avoid Anything Constantly Touching Your Face

Never let anything consistently touch your face. Whether it’s your hands, hat, hair bands or hair. Anything that constantly touches your skin is going to promote the thickening of your skin and thickening of your skin will promote acne breakouts.

Acne & Exercise

Make sure before you exercise or do any vigorous activities to wash acne prone areas of your skin before you do so. Because any daily debris and bacteria will grind into your pores when you wipe away your sweat.

Properly Wash Your Skin

After your done washing your face always pat your skin dry. Never rub it. Even rubbing your skin can promote your skin to thicken. This will promote breakouts. This is an enormous "must" when you want to prevent acne.

For a quick overview on what causes acne check out “Adult Acne” now if you have adult acne or Teenage Acne if you are a teenager suffering with acne you’ll be glad you did.

"Without a doubt successful acne control starts with prevention."

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