Proactiv is an enormous breakthrough and advancement in the field of acne treatment medicine today.

It is an acne skin care system that over delivers on its pledge to wipe out acne breakouts for a permanent appearance of skin that is healthy and clear.

Proactive acne treatment was created not so long ago when two phenomenal dermatologists “Katie Roldan” and “Kathy Fields” formulated a revolutionary medical advancement in the fight against acne.

It is no accident that this formula was rightfully named Proactiv because this formula has truly proven to be “Pro-active” when it comes to getting rid of acne breakouts.

This power packed formula will get rid of and heal existing blotches as well as prevent new ones from manifesting and spreading.

So what makes this acne treatment
different from the rest?

This acne treatment contains a “Combination Therapy of Acne Management Systems” that combines prescription-grade elements for a formula that functions to properly treat and get rid of acne.

It contains sulfur and benzoyl peroxide and other specially formulated ingredients designed specifically as a gentle treatment for acne sufferers. This formula is not only super effective at exfoliating your skin; it will destroy all the acne-causing bacteria as well and unblock your pores while getting rid of inflammation.

This solution to clear acne was created to be used on your entire face and any acne prone areas as a daily usage treatment. One of the fabulous luxuries of this superior product is that unlike many other products that claim to prevent acne with "harsh chemicals", this product has no known harmful side effects from applying this treatment. This formula contains gentle but potent ingredients like soothing botanicals such as chamomile, panthenol, aloe, and allantoin that equally contribute to the overall healthy appearance of your skin.

Will this treatment work?

Many users of the Proactiv Acne Solution have witnessed that after applying this treatment, their skin returned to its natural healthy nature, pampered and hydrated, rather than being harshly over dry and flaky like with some other products.

There are 3 basic steps to the potency of this treatment:


The first step to using this treatment involves the application and usage of the “Renewing Cleanser”. This will gently exfoliate your pores and allow the benzoyl peroxide to penetrate deep down in your skin.


Next, the “Revitalizing Toner” is an alcohol-free toner that eliminates not only dead skin cells but it will unclog your pores, and leave your skin oil-free and rejuvenated.


And lastly, the “Repairing Lotion” has the ability to let the benzoyl peroxide evenly distribute deep into your pores to fight the bacterial source that is causing your acne.

Important Side Note: If you are going to use this acne treatment system make sure that you are not using any other topical acne medicated treatments. If you use this treatment while using other medicated treatments you may experience increased dryness and skin irritation.

What is the greatest benefit to
using this acne treatment?

Consequently, this treatment is even more dynamic when it is incorporated into your skin care routine. It will continually keep your skin clear, fight acne and bring back the health and radiance to your skin. Clear skin is important to help reduce the possibility of acne breakouts.

Proactiv is truly a unique effective acne fighter.


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