Zeno Acne Treatment – A SPEEDY Pimple and Acne Remover

While I am always very careful on this website about mentioning products that give quick relief to acne (because acne realistically can take 2 to 12 weeks to heal and go away); I am more than happy to introduce to you Zeno acne treatment.

What is Zeno?

The Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Treatment is a clinically proven hand held battery powered device. It’s not a laser. It is a pre-set temperature heat tip that is designed to directly clear acne and acne blemishes on your skin.

It passes heat directly to your problem follicles. It gives your skin a medical heat dosage treatment for each individual acne pimple.

It is a fantastic treatment for acne sufferers with mild to moderate acne legions. One simple treatment lasts only 2 ½ minutes. You only need to treat skin legions 2 to 3 times a day.

In the clinical trials 90% of blemishes that were treated faded or completely disappear within 24 hours.

What will all that heat do for your skin?

Zeno acne treatment works by destroying the bacteria that caused the acne found on your skin and shorten the life cycle of your pimples.

Zeno should NOT replace your daily skin care regimen, but it can further enhance your acne treatment efforts. Especially, in a case where pimples tend to take away your skin’s healthy natural balance.

Will all that heat burn and be painful to your skin? What about side effects?

Clinical trial participants experienced very little side effects to these low-levels of heat. The only common side effect of Zeno is slight temporary discomfort because of the heat being applied to the location of the spot that you are treating. The heat is killing off the bacteria in the skin to stop feeding acne. After the treatment you may experience dryness or peeling of your skin.

Will it work in comparison to topical and oral acne cure treatments?

Topical and/or oral acne treatments can takes days and sometimes even weeks to work and get rid of annoying pimples. With the Zeno acne treatment device it doesn’t take weeks or even days to work on clearing your skin. However, keep in mind that this treatment works better for pimples and acne that has just started to peak through to the surface of your skin. It stops the problem before it becomes monumental.

A Miracle?

This is not a magical cure. However, it will MOST DEFINTELY increase the success of your treatment efforts. Not bad for the price of $159.00. At that price it better do something, right? Sometimes it's worth it to pay a little extra for QUALITY results?

When you are dealing with acne, it's very hard to find the right methods and natural treatment cures that will actually work to manage your acne; especially with so many crazy potions, cures and ideas on how to get rid of acne on the internet.

However, with this acne treatment device it offers an easy, portable, hassle free, fast and effective method to fight acne.

Your daily skin care regimen + Zeno Acne Treatment = A successful campaign to STOP acne breakouts

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